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Low Fuel right from the start?

Captain Meow

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What happened to this game which was actually enjoyable & playable 1.5 years ago?

I spent more than an hour trying to design a torpedo boat which would be fast, with enough torpedoes on board, with firing 3 at once & with enough gun power too.


All seemed to be fully balanced, I went to try it in Custom Battle against other TB & first I see it goes not 30 but barely 20 & in few minutes of a battle it was showing a "Low Fuel" sign!


Whaaaat?  See range - 3682 km! Where exactly in Shipbuilder it says something about fuel?
I restarted the game, went to 1v1 battle again & it was showing Low Fuel now right at the beginning!
Does it mean all fuel got wasted when the ship traveled from the shipyard to that spot in the open ocean where the battle starts?

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