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I am currently designing a copy of the HMS Orion for a 1912 custom battle showdown between HMS Orion and SMS Kaiser. Whilst trying to install the X turret on the barbette connected to the back superstructure, I got this interesting arc of fire bug.


These are the historical 343mm/13.5 inch guns that were actually on the Orion, but in game the turrets are either too large or the superstructure on the "Rear Tower IX" (which is closest to the actual HMS Orion's rear tower) is too close to it's barbette to actually allow any kind of arc of fire at all. The addition of the Y turret also makes the firing arc non-existent, when on the real ship the guns were actually that close and seemed to work just fine. This is a picture of the real HMS Orion in 1915 that demonstrates this point, one can see the small but visible space between the rear superstructure and the Y turret that is not in game, as well as how close the X and Y turrets actually were.

The forward superstructure and shape of the hull is also not historically accurate to the real HMS Orion, but as I managed to work around it isn't as much of a concern imo.

I will try and design the SMS Kaiser next and see if I have similar issues.


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When the guns are placed at their default size of 13.0 inches, does the gun still rotate? Some towers restrict the maximum gun size you can mount on them.

If they can rotate before you upsize them 13.5 inches, then I'm fairly certain your only options are to select another tower, or downsize your guns. Yes, it can be quite disappointing and maybe a little ridiculous...but it's what we've got.

So long story short, it really isn't a bug. It's just a limitation that we have to work around.

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