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Some Questions, British Campaign

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i'm on my 4th try on the british campaign - i was always stuck on "objects in motion". This time i have a good enough setup. I have a 3rd rate sol, 4th rate razeeclass, 5th rate Dedaigneuse class, 5th rate diana class. In my first try i was able to capture all other ships while distracting the two enemy sols with my sol. Unfortunatly had high casualities on my boardingships.. (maybe rushed it a bit too much) One of my Problems is - i have the feeling the enemies are way to reluctant, and when i#m able to board them, there already so heavy damaged, that they are likley to flood & sink. i usually try to damage sailsm thenĀ  lower armor (how much?) and then just grapeshot them. After i managed to mostly demast the 2 enemy sols - but there begins the mainproblem. First - is there a trick to where to aim to demast them more reliable? It looks so lucky - and also i ahve the feeling the ai is way more likley to demast me, than i them. Also after demasting them (Having the 3rd or middle amst intact - all other gone) they can still turn nearly as fast as my intact ships?! i cant do anything with my frigates to the sols because they are still way to likley turn and broadside me...so i just tried to hammer them with my own sol - but then run into the problem that the enemy ardentclass was flooding and sunk before i was able to board it..

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