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Campaign Camera focusing on Home Province


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One thing I have noticed when coming out of the battle and going back to the campaign map is that the view will always center on the Atlantic Ocean.  Normally not a problem for countries like Spain or France, but for countries like China or Japan, if you want to view the map around the country after a battle, you have to manually scroll each time.

What I would like to see is the camera view centering on either the country's capital or the main body of water they interact with.  This would act in the same manner as when a mission is clicked on from the list on the left side of the screen and the camera moves to focus on that mission diamond.  For example, the UK camera can center on either London or the English Channel since this gives good view to both the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean around the home province.  For Japan this would be Tokyo or the Sea of Japan.

The issue is for countries that have a very large landmass or are connected to at least 2 very different bodies of water like the US and Russia.  I think for the US centering on Washington DC is best because the Atlantic Ocean has more potential for interaction with other majors.  As for Russia, Moscow is probably better than Vladivostok.


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