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Perfect weather vs what I'm seeing, plus bonus...

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One of the minor issues I have is that I often get into a battle and find the weather conditions to be nothing like what I'm looking at....

This is a pic of perfect weather. It also has the added bonus of the Foo Smoke that appears on the battle map as a battle is getting underway. I have no idea what that is....



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One of the major issues I've been having is boats coming out of port after repairs into battle, heavily damaged already. The longer the campaign goes on the worse it gets.

This is Galilee. She's been in port repairing several months and my crew pool is low, so it took a while to crew her as well. This is her condition as she entered battle...



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I've also noticed the issue of severely damaged ships (like, basically dead already) joining battles. I also had one of my cruisers sink that I didn't even know was part of the battle until the end battle screen popped up.

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