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Phantom Torpedoes, and other torpedo cheating...

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I've been seeing a lot of this before this latest update. Torpedoes are being launched by AI from way outside their allotted range. What's more, they have no tracks in the water. I have never once seen one yet. Launching torps from beyond normal torp range is not so much an issue, except my ships refuse to do it. When I'm set to aggressive torpedoes, mine just sit there in the tubes with the ship waiting to be hit by AI nearby.

THIS is not necessarily that much of a problem that can't be fixed with a little dev love. HOWEVER, combined with the new damage output of AI it constitutes an AI cheat that needs to be fixed. I'm taking WAY too much damage from AI fleets now. In my current campaign I've lost every major battle, mainly due to my ships being so much better than the AI's and taking too many cheating hits.

I'm recommending aggressive torps does not improve range of launch - instead increased reloading and firing without proper aim.

EDIT - I've also watched videos from the current build where those torpedoes are homing torpedoes, changing their direction when near allied ships, although I've not personally seen this and I'm not sure why...


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