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Why is there AI diplomacy decisions after battle?

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After battle the AI actually has a turn, essentially it’s still the players turn. E.g. as Britain, Germany asked me for a peace deal. But it’s not their turn. I guess there’s nothing really wrong with that specifically, if it works. Not many other games do it this way.

Maybe AI diplomacy should be within their turn. If this was so then relationships might run alittle smoother too.


War: Britain (player), France vs Germany, Italy, Austro-Hungary.

Chain of possible AI events in a single turn:

  • Germany asks Britain for peace, Britain agrees (via message-box - player interaction).
  • Mediterranean German port near Austro-Hungary is given to Britain, tension changes.
  • Relationships updated.
  • Germany asks France for peace, France declines.
  • Relationships updated.
  • Germany deploys.
  • France asks Britain to continue war with Germany, Britain declines, breaks alliance (message-box).
  • Relationships updated.
  • France deploys.
  • Updated Austro-Hungary calc’s war is untenable to continue with Britain, France and breaks alliance with Germany.
  • Austro-Hungary asks Britain for peace, Britain agrees (message-box).
  • Relationships updated.
  • Austro-Hungary asks France for peace, France agrees.
  • Relationships updated.
  • Austro-Hungary deploys.
  • Italy asks Germany to continue war with Britain, Germany declines, breaks alliance.
  • Relationships updated.
  • Italy asks Austro-Hungary to continue war with France, Austro-Hungary declines, breaks alliance.
  • Relationships updated.
  • Italy deploys.
  • Relationships update finished.
  • War continues with France vs Italy, Germany.
  • Britain, player turn, to deploy, rebuild fleet etc.

How can all of this take place just after a battle? It must be problematic to say the least. Every nation having a turn within player's turn??? or even within other AI turns???

Any one of those decisions should be different leading to even more computing or an updating of relationships which changes things again, more complex. Even far more complex turns within turns, what a minefield. 

I’m suggesting player completes all battles first, does deployments etc., completes turn, then the AI nations do their stuff, in turn.  

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