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scaling questions for multi-day battles


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lets say fighting with 2 corps of which the 2nd will not enter the battle until day 2/3. if I set the the unit strength at say 500, can I then ramp it up to 1000-1500 during  overnight camp before the start of the next days battle? In doing so, how does the AI react strength wise to my overnight buildup? or is this just extra work without any benefits?  one more, if a unit's commander is lost on day one, can that unit be assigned a new commanding officer during camp? if not, should you even bother to reinforce the unit of withdraw away from the fight to save the surviving now veteran soldiers?

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Scaling calculates when the battle starts. It will not change between days, so you can reduce it with this approach. Note that when you add men to a unit that has fought on an earlier day you are resetting its starting stats for the battle. This means that any casualties already taken will not get medicine applied or show up in the post battle stats. It also means that the commanding officer will lose out on the xp gains that would have come from any stat increases on prior days.

New commanding officers can be assigned between days if you have spares.


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