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small improvements that could be made in the game (to my point of view)

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Naval Action - What could be improved / changed
-The map, (calm), whenever you open the map and move it, either creating a route or just dragging it to your camera on the ship in the open world, it is uncomfortable and boring,
nothing would prevent you from placing a simple code for the camera to be locked in the place where the player left the moment he opened the map. bug video below.
Naval Action - Bug Map

-Rope, you move the scope and the mouse arrow together, it disturbs and bothers you when you need to select a ship besides you not knowing the position of the lunita in relation to the ship when you are looking
nothing prevents a code that would lock the mouse pointer in the center of the scope and change it to a black + crosshead of about 2 pixels with a circle and an addition of an icon on the compass display.
photo of the problem below and photo of the example as well.

-Porto, outside the port is the biggest storm, skies with black clouds and a lot of rain, you enter the port everything is sunny ...
it can put the climate of the port in line with what is happening outside it.

-Storms, these could automatically be a wind buff and instead of putting these "buffs" on the map that is now, you could put wind currents consistent with what is in the real and sea currents if you catch both you would have double buff and in as long as you’re in the current the buff continues, you just need to stay in the wind. storms would be a very large buff that could perhaps cause some damage to the ship's mast or sails.
the wind would cease to be a rotating movement on the compass and would become something fixed on the map, but the wind would change course.

-Delivery missions should pay for distance traveled, the farther the more the mission pays, without maximum price limit, minimum initial value 40,000.

-Creation of Player Contracts for delivery, Example: EvE Online, or make the delivery missions as a trade route between cities, if not done the city would start to lack supplies and could go into rebellion staying neutral or allying itself the other nearest nation.
(https://youtu.be/CBQ9VRiEPi4?t=468) (https://youtu.be/HABC6PrLyDc?t=175)

-The Party is badly done and buggy, every time it appears that I leave the group at random, it could be redone, repaired and more organized.

-The fleet is buggy, and it should have been fixed, you enter the fleet ship and the crew automatically leave and you have to replace them. video showing the bug below:

- A long triangular or square flag could be added on top of the largest ship's mast visible in the open world, which will always show the wind direction by looking at the ship, the player could choose what color and style of flag shape. examples below:

-Could have a First Person Camera in open world mode could be added to the side of the helm.

-Could add reflection in the drops of water and in the wet hull.

-Tripping, they just keep doing pre-determined repetitive movements and it never changes, couldn’t that change ?! example:? animation of them loading the cannons, pulling forward, lighting the trigger with the torch, animation of the cannons going backwards with the shot and the cycle repeats itself.

- Cannon hatch, why are they open in the open world outside of combat ?! as far as i remember these hatches were closed and only at the time of combat were they opened, could i put that.

-Option for you to be able to give a name to your ship (example: HMS Victory 1765 (Name) or (Name) HMS Victory 1765. The name would have a limited number of characters and would appear written outside the ship in the open world on a small plate.

-The crew could sing during the day on very long trips, each nation would have different songs in their native languages.

-Lights could be placed in front of cities.

sorry bad english(google translator)

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