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Loki Runes and others S*** which makes me leave ;]

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- 200-500 ppl on Huge map - no chance to have any fun sailing and looking for pvp.

- No motivation to do HDF - takes a long of time and require 10+ ppl (not sure if any clan has that many active players at this moment). So no way to get flags and conquere more cities.

- If you be lucky and find enemy pvp fleet they usually has baloon scout to not loose a fleet (smtimes camping  90 min in instance with flying eye outside) - what a piece of... 

- No point hunting small ships to get loot - ppl using baloons to haul pricy shit

- No new ships - only DLC crap. 

- Ppl sailing DLCS on pvp - what a ponit of attacking them - they are always from seasoned woods and has no way to capture them ;] 

- What a pint of pvp - can't show my friends from clan my / ourt killboard updates  - no motivation and increasing bonds / history of sailing together. No way to advertise this game to friends from outside ;] 

- Lokis - wtf ? Spending 30+ minutes fighting loki Dianas/Ceilias/ADR during Diana event is ruining my day completly. Lokis are trolling crap making more and more ppl leave this game ;] Gonna do the same now (Loki missions in reecent patch when ppl complaining about them since they were introduced - wtf?!). 

- Poor UI - mails/clan mails/sorting things (comming here from eve online can only laugh looking on available options).

- and other issues ;]

Really like sailing mechanics and roar of the guns in this game, nice graphics... but thats all - everything else is makeing me leave again. Cu in few months maybe ;] 







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