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Add Wandering Sea Going Merchant Vessels

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These ships will regularly appear and will travel the map offering random goods and will buy and sell items from players on the open sea.

When selected, they will have the same engage circle but instead of an "Attack" button, it will show "Interact".

They will remain completely stopped and the player(s) must maneuver their ship(s) to within a couple of boat lengths and come to a complete stop.

When the player's ship has stopped a popup dialog will appear with the question "Trade with merchant vessel?" Ok/Cancel.

The player will have the same window and selections as the port shop does.  Random and sometimes rare and exotic goods may be found for sale.

The player will be limited to a maximum of 7.5 minutes to interact with the merchant (visible timer) and cannot interact again with that same merchant for 30 minutes.

These merchants will also supply, albeit for a markup, an unlimited amount of the basic consumables of Rum, Rig Repairs, and Hull Repairs.

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