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  1. These ships will regularly appear and will travel the map offering random goods and will buy and sell items from players on the open sea. When selected, they will have the same engage circle but instead of an "Attack" button, it will show "Interact". They will remain completely stopped and the player(s) must maneuver their ship(s) to within a couple of boat lengths and come to a complete stop. When the player's ship has stopped a popup dialog will appear with the question "Trade with merchant vessel?" Ok/Cancel. The player will have the same window and selections as the por
  2. Similar to the Clan Warehouse, the Clan Dockyard would be a holding area for ships in the clan. It would have the following features: Only the Clan Creator may create a Clan Dockyard. Can only be built in the same port as the Clan Warehouse. Starts with an initial capacity of 25 ship slots. May be expanded through doubloons and reals by 5 ship slots each upgrade. Holds of ships must be empty when transferring to the Clan Dockyard and items cannot be placed into stored ships. Any cannons and upgrades will stay with the ship to/from the Clan Dockyard and allo
  3. Currently there is only a single way to earn crafting experience and that is by making ships. I propose that crafting be split up into five areas for earning experience. One would be able to choose a single crafting specialization and only be able to earn experience and advance in that path. It does not prevent you from crafting the default level 0 items of the other paths. You could reset your current specialization by paying a fee at the Admiralty in order to choose a different path which would wipe out all progress and experience in your current specialization. Each specialization
  4. How in the hell can a port call itself a port and allow ships to dock when it doesn't even sell basic consumables of Rum, Hull Repairs and Rig Repairs?!?!? That is totally silly... especially when every port sells medium guns... At least the county capitals in each nation should be able to sell them. Make the ports sell them at a markup so as to make user crafted goods still viable and profitable. An alternative would be to let such basic consumables to be allowed to remain in the ship hold during a tow request.
  5. A proposed upgrade to Outpost would be for a sizable fee, to a Trading Post which would have the following features: Able to build a Clan Storehouse, a smaller version of the Clan Warehouse (half the capacity/slots). The port where the Clan Warehouse is would not be eligible to build a Clan Storehouse but must be upgraded to a Trading Post in order to transfer goods and coin between trading posts as described below. Able to transfer goods and coin from a trading post to either another trading post or the main Clan Warehouse. This would be subject to transfer and acceptance fees f
  6. During the month of October, this would be a very powerful ghostly event ship requiring a considerable force to defeat. This powerful ship would be crewed by skeletal pirates that, if given the chance, would board player ships... 😈 Optionally, this ship would only appear at night and giving off an eerie luminescent glow.
  7. What about introducing whales and whaling vessels into the game? I know that historically, whaling in the US was up north off of New England, but hey, this is a game and it would fit into the time period and ship sizes. Such vessels would attack the whales in a combat instance with mounted harpoons and would harvest meat, whale oil, whalebone, spermaceti, and very valuable ambergris. You could also add randomly, a great white whale event that would attack such whaling vessels when they would hunt the whales or enter it's area.
  8. Just coming back from playing during early access and I support this. Is there a way to put this in a player survey when people log in?
  9. Thanks, the tow option would not work, it always failed. So I tried and tried for a couple hours, spinning around and trying notice any movement, finally, though I don't know how I managed, I got free. Can I suggest, a popup message onscreen that would warn of being really stuck. In real life, a person with a rope with knots in it would be checking the depth and calling it out to the captain. Just an idea... I know there is already a small graphic that shows shallows, but it is so small at 4k I guess I didn't notice it. Thank you for your response!
  10. I'm stuck in shallows just outside Asuncion and I've tried everything and cannot get unstuck.
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