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Outpost Upgrade to Trading Post

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A proposed upgrade to Outpost would be for a sizable fee, to a Trading Post which would have the following features:

  • Able to build a Clan Storehouse, a smaller version of the Clan Warehouse (half the capacity/slots).  The port where the Clan Warehouse is would not be eligible to build a Clan Storehouse but must be upgraded to a Trading Post in order to transfer goods and coin between trading posts as described below.
  • Able to transfer goods and coin from a trading post to either another trading post or the main Clan Warehouse.  This would be subject to transfer and acceptance fees from both ports with regard to their tax rate.  Either player could pay the fees up front or if the sell value of the goods was high enough at the destination port to cover the fees, a percentage of the goods would be deducted to cover said fees.  Optionally this could be restricted to only ports of the same nation.

This would still provide incentive for players to manually move their goods and coin from one trading post to another, but for those with enough coin to spare, this would provide a solid convenience even if the price/fees were a bit high.


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