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Fabulous game ! One of the best wargame I never played. I have not bought it before because I had no credit card, now I have and my card is ready for other new opus of Ultimate 🥰

My wish list :

- A  "to buy extension" (add on)  with acomplete map/scenario editor
- A command interface to allow players to set "on/off" the dark areas caused by LOS (lines of sight)
- Same command to set "on-off" the dark effect of night battles (for same reason : old wargamers have old eyes...^^)

- And please, new opus of the game : Please, do same politic like Slitherine Field of Glory, give us other adaptations : It would be absolutly fabulous

-Ultimate antic battles (Alexandre, Rome)
-Ultimate Middle-Age battles
-Ultimate "Renaissance" battles
-Ultimate 18th century battles (Seven years war, etc)
-Franco-Prussian war 1870 and Austro-Prussian war 1866
-Colonial wars of 19th (like the old Age of Rifles)
-August-Sept 1914 (Beginning of WW1, when war movement applied, before trench war)

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Seems that I had posted in the wrong forum, sorry (my wish list concern Ultimate General civil war and not Ultimate Gettysburg)

I have the both games, and Ultimate Gettysburg is  excellent game, but the fact that Ultimate civil war covers the entire civil war is also a important point


Could moderator displace this post and replace it in the correct forum ? Thanks in advance


In addition, for those who are interrested, here is a little process to increase the strategic interest of the game : Download this little program


and then, create a "time alert" of 1 minute and name it : "Your orders, General !"

Each minute, this little "counter time" will display (on the game screen) : at this moment - and only at this moment, you pause the game and you give your orders in "pause".

After that, you "unpause" the game and you restart the timer, and you do... nothing ! You will be in the exact situation where is a general who gives quickly orders, but his orders are not quicly executed... This process increase the pleasure of play, it's great


I think it would be great if future versions woul implement this kind of feature : It means that player would be able to choice in game a special playing process This process would allow player to give order each "x" minutes" (or each "y seconds). During the choiced time, he could not give orders to unit (he would have to wait the end of the delay)


And other things in addition : Would be great if player could choice a special "playing mode" : "orders are executed but with delay" (to simulate the fact that sometime, the command chain needs long time) => The player could choice the delay (sample : 15 or 30 secunds)


Last wish  I do not like the Steam system for games, and I hope that future Ultimate General opus will be sold on GOG Games (I bought my game on GOG)

Good work to the Ultimate General team, and please : work very fast for the next opus, we wait for it^^

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