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Savannah battle does crash my PC into reboot


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Hi All!

The game crashes multiple times on me now, around 10 times, and every time my pc reboots. Most of the times it happend when i'm near, of initiating the battle for Savannah as the Brits. The game freezes for about 10 seconds, then 1 second of audio freeze too, and then... black screen >> reboot.  I updated all my drivers and checked my hardware temps and loads. Other games with more GPU or CPU requirements will do just fine. I even deleted the game and redownload en checked for currupted files. 

I7 8700K @ 3,7Ghz
32 GB of RAM at 3000Mhz
GTX1080 - 8gb

There was not much i could find here on the internet. Uploaded several bug rapports. 
I hope you guys can help me out




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Hi Guppert, please sent us a bug report to check your files. If you can start the game right after crash, then use F11 and send a report. If you cannot enter in game at all, start game from Steam right after crash (do not use shortcut if you use to), select Crash Reporter and then Play:


Meanwhile you can try troubleshoot the issue. Almost all such cases reported are caused either by a corrupted textures, or by an outdated graphics driver, or by a corrupted  C++ library. So, try the next actions in this order:

1.       Update your gpu drivers

2.       Verify the integrity of your game files in Steam*

3.        Download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable Package (x64) from https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe

* (Open your Steam client right click on Game then Properties->Local Files->Verify integrity of game files)

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