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Low-mid rank missions

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Hello, how does the mission system work currently? As iam basically unable to find 5th rate missions anywhere, its either 6th or 3-4th rates. 1-2nd rates are nonexistant too it seems.
Once i found 5th rate missions, they were gone in few days and replaced by 3-4th rate missions. I play as Russian Empire and i cant find any missions for frigates at all. My friends are hard stuck due to this.
Isnt it better to have 7th-1st rate in each region? If you have 3 port region, have 7-5th in one, 4-3rd in next and 2-1st rate in last... Current system is extremely toxic against new players and everyone who wants t grind slots on ships without being gaked by bunch of enemies in the open sea on ship, which is not ggreat for PVP at all. 

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