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  1. Hello, how does the mission system work currently? As iam basically unable to find 5th rate missions anywhere, its either 6th or 3-4th rates. 1-2nd rates are nonexistant too it seems. Once i found 5th rate missions, they were gone in few days and replaced by 3-4th rate missions. I play as Russian Empire and i cant find any missions for frigates at all. My friends are hard stuck due to this. Isnt it better to have 7th-1st rate in each region? If you have 3 port region, have 7-5th in one, 4-3rd in next and 2-1st rate in last... Current system is extremely toxic against new players and everyo
  2. Same here, ill gladly pay for old port and ow UI. Everything was much faster to do, easier. We have too much windows now.
  3. I saw that you might still dont know if it should be craftable or DLC/RARE, make it first craftable and DLC ship together (permit probably harder to get), you can craft it and buy. No P2W, noone can argue about it. If there are people who cant afford to put a lot of time in game, they'll probably gladly buy it, just dont price it high, stay at 33-35€ per ship because its adequate price and more people will buy it.
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