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Spain and France campaigns ( and land battles in custom battles)

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Without France and Spain, the United States would never have achieved independence at least not in the 18th century, perhaps it is difficult for some North American players to accept that they think they won the war for themselves.


I wonder if the developers will give us land battles for Spain and France in custom battles. Now I only see naval battles) = -.

Another thing, the naval action has a Spanish ship called Diana, very nice. Could it make it to the game?

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Well, if that is so, then we could easily say Europe would have lost World War II if the USA didn't help them. We sent plenty of supplies to England way before we ever were attacked by Japan but once we got into it we all (the allies) team effort and won WWII and made a new world. I don't think it takes away the fact that we were helped but we did win the Revolution and we should look at the big picture of why did France and Spain help us for it must of helped them too?

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