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Broadside salvo does not fire all turrets every round


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I noticed in Alpha 10 that the broadsides of a BB do not fire all turrets in every salvo round. Haven't tested whether this applies to all vessels, but I could reproduce it for two different BB designs made. For some reason when having to fire both front and rear gun turrets one side (only front or only rear) does not fire all the time.

I have the feeling that this is a sync issue during reloading, it seems that guns of either front or rear need to reload a bit longer than the other set. This generate a sequence that if you fire all turrets in cycle 1, cycle 2 has only one turret side firing (e.g. front or rear) as the other side is still reloading. Thereby you get a pattern of 2/4 turrets firing, followed by 4/4 turrets and again followed by 2/4 firing in a "salvo". Also, if you manually force a stop to the firing of the main guns and then allow it to resume, all turrets do fire every time.

See uploaded video (below) for a demonstration of this bug.


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