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Extra Brigade slot



I have a question about the extra brigade slot awarded after certain battles. 

It is possible for the Union to achieve the level of AO necessary to have 4 divisions with 6 brigades by the time this comes into play so that 1st Corp has 25 brigades for the remainder of the game. 

However, I see no way for the CSA to do this.  I started a campaign and chose all the options with the most AO and then assigned all career points earned to AO and by Shiloh I could only have 5 brigades per division so when the unit is awarded after Shiloh you have 6 brigades in 1st Division and 5 in the others.  However, if you increase the AO so you can have 6 brigades per division, you lose that slot.

Is this an intended design feature or a bug?  You can never have a 25 brigade 1st Corp as the CSA  






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