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At this point, Land Artillery makes land battles practically unplayable.. its causing way too high casualties to the point, its absolute suicide sending units forwards when there are few artillery units in the vicinity... Units take 25% casualties from first few shots, smaller units are shattered in one or two hits (detaching skirmishers is pointless, you just lose men faster)

I just tried to play Corsica mission, and its quite a nonsense with enemy artillery on top of hills murdering anything that gets close, while being invisible... mass charge only results in massive casualties... even my light infantry units which are supposed to be in loose order and hidden in trees are taking ridiculous amount of casualties from a solid shot? its makes no sense at all, as to kill multiple people, you would need to hit them all with single roundshot.. but in loose order, that chance is absolutely minimal, and Light infantry should take minimal casualties... after all, their main purpose was to supress such units from open order...


Artillery needs to get its effectivity tonned down a LOT... as it is, it makes late land battles practically unplayable.

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