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Overall, Land combat feels way too much about killing other men.. 18.century combat was not that lethal in reality.. During entire war of American Independence  not that many people perished in combat, especially compared to later Napoleonic wars.. even larger battles were practically a mere skirmishes in comparation to standard battles in Europe.. Yet, in this game, amount of casualties seems to be excessive.. units tend to lose 50% strength quite commonly..

Whats particularly is missing in current land battles is the higher effect on morale, than casualties.. Delivering musket salvo should have higher morale dropping effect, even if amount of casualties dealt is not that high.. It should be more common to rout an enemy by delivering a salvos, instead of them fighting to (almost) last men..

At the same time, it looks like Artillery effect is vastly exaggerated,  solid shots were not as effective as this game is making them to be.. after all, typical infantry formation was 3-rank line, so direct hit against a line formation would not deal more than 3 casualties (typically 1-3, not all hits would go through all ranks perfectly), so 2 guns should cause at most 2-6 kills per shot.. yet in AoS, you can wipe out units using artillery way too easily.. 



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