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Ship Bars suggestion


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While number of crew is semi-important stat, i think there is something more important missing currently - and its number of guns.... It was number of guns that "defined" strength of a ship, and in combat, its quite important to know what you are actually facing... In reality, captains would refer to enemy ships in terms of how many guns they had, yet in UG:AoS, its practically impossible to tell how many guns enemy ship actually has.. there is no easy identification system implemented... I think it would be much better, if number of men was swapped for number of guns for naval battles. Instead, you could just add additional bar to Sail/Armor/Hull strength bars to show how many crew ship has... 


Personally, i think not showing crew numbers so openly would make game more interesting and unpredictable.. Because in reality, you would have no real idea how many sailors are actually on board anyway....


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