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Clan Port Management - Improvement?



Hi All

I have been playing on and off for a long time in this game and I think the Port Bonuses are a great idea but could potentially have a better implementation to encourage Clan and non-Clan players to work together to improve the quality of its nations ports. See below:

  1. Allow everyone in the nation to utilise the port bonuses in a given port (I know not commonly liked as an idea but stay with me)
  2. Allow the Clans to control the Investments Port Citizens can make by having them set what can be contributed to by Port Citizens for instance they could open up investments on defence, to add incentive maybe its possible for the clan to set rewards in Reals or give a tax cut for X amount of investment. This could then allow clans to upgrade the ports quicker in their desired fashion.
  3. Keep the Tax option for clans, this would allow them to still earn money from the ports.
  4. If the 3 above are not enough to balance it fully in terms of rewarding clan players overall the final step would be to give the Clans an option to set a commission rate on ship construction, but have their clan members exempt from paying that commission (Reals or Doubloons). I believe that if this is implemented the competition between clans to bring trade and traffic to ports would reduce the need to have to low a cap on this.
  5. Add a feature to the game to allow players to Vote for a Trade capital on a weekly basis, this trade capital would receive additional tax income from the extra traffic. This could be further encouraged by adding a permanent outpost for players tied to the trade capital for instance if La Navasse is a trade Capital everyone from all nations gets a outpost there, if the Trade capital the next week is La Mona then their outpost could transfer there. This could also have the ships and warehouse follow.

I hope some of these ideas help to improve the gameplay further.

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