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Mare Magnum Froze and seems enemy fleet is large


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Battle Mare Magnum, this battle froze and just played the music I could click onto a ship give it orders but nothing happens for it to not to release from a pause. Also have you removed the tech fire module from the Barbary War DLC?  I realize I play on hard difficulty but I think you expect too much from us on this battle and you took away the option for me to make a fire ship.  In the American campaign in the early battles I might have used one or 2 two of them for I didn't need them later on but in the British campaign I had to use a lot of them but my problem is in Barbary Wars this battle Mare Magnum yes if froze but I got to play it for a while and seen what I am facing and I think it is beyond what I should have to face even on hard.  You only let us bring six ships, and you give us two ally ships that suck. We face 6, 4th rates first which those enemy ships nearly destroy the two ally ships by the time my six ships gets near there, then 3 more 4th rates, then 1 more 4th rate along with 1, 3rd rate, and 1, 2nd rate, with also 4 or 5, 5th rates too. The only objective is to eliminate the fleet and if I can't make a fire ship to help out that becomes a hardship for me? F11 for froze and plays music.

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update about the two ally ships
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Another point. Barbary War DLC, 1st battle Ransom ok, second battle Pillars of Hercules two crashes to desktop, 3rd try playing it I got through it with a victory but noticed the game did not deploy two of my ships that were assigned to deploy from the two limit deploy slots so I had to fight it with the 1st four that deployed only.

3rd battle Mare Magnum above problem no ability to make a fire ship, and it froze deep into the battle so I don't know how that battle will end but I thought that I would need a fire ship and can't make one. Yes you gave us a couple of 4th rates to do this battle but I don't understand why you don't have fleet retreat or why it appears to be a fight to the death which might not be well balanced. I will list what I faced in that battle that froze:

You gave us two ally ships Connecticut 260 and Maryland 260 these two ships get creamed by the 1st 6 enemy 4th rates.

Enemy ships:

1. KAID-I ZAFER *** 120,  2. AYET-I HAYR ** 120,  3. FATIH-I BAHRI *** 120,  4. IKBAL-BAR ** 120,  5. HEYBETENDAZ ** 120,  6. BODRUM *** 120. End of 1st wave.

7. PELENG-I BAHRI ** 120,  8. SAHIN-I DERYA ** 120,  9. MEMIS REIS ** 120, End of 2nd wave.

10. NEHENG-I ** 120,  11. CEDID-I GUMRU ** 500,  12. NUSRETNUMA ** 280,  13. KILDULBAHIR ** 260,  14. ALI KAPUDAN ** 180,  15. PEYK-ZAFER ** 260,  16. MESKEN-I GAZI ** 700. End of last wave before froze state so I don't know if any more ships come into this battle.

As you may know this is only the 3rd battle into the DLC and I only have 4th rates or worst. Now, I could redo resources and might be able to build one 3rd rate but there are none in the shop so why am I facing an enemy that has a 3rd rate and 2nd rate and even if I had one it would be a mismatch. I might, or would rather have a fire ship which is not in this DLC?  

If you look above you will see on hard I have to faceoff against 16 enemy ships and if I count the two ally ships and I put in 6 of my own that makes 8 ships but they are all 4th rates or worst for the two allies get creamed at the start of the battle and are not really any help in this one and we have to fight 16 enemy ships and we have to eliminate the enemy fleet and I wouldn't mind that if I could make a fire ship to over come this battle if that is the way I had to go to solve this problem. So I don't know the intent of this battle? I may play it again and hope it won't freeze so I can trouble shoot on how to beat this one without having a fire ship that could even some of the odds. The game is fantastic so don't get me wrong I am just questioning about this battle so I can play it and understand it. 



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I just tried this battle again.  F11 too.  When we are in a battle, it is RTS and the AI has an advantage over the human player for it runs it's routines automatically so we need to be able to pause so we can give our ships orders. I don't want to pause a lot and I been playing this game often since December so I know a lot about this game and normally don't have this problem so why is this battle freezing? You can see in this picture it is paused so I can assign orders to my ships but I can't get out of pause and when a person is playing RTS we must be able to pause and not worry about the battle freezing. It still plays the music and I can actually give an order to me ships but nothing happens for it's stuck in time at that very moment. Yesterday, it froze way after this point so I don't know why it froze this early in the battle? What do you think the problem is?



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