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New Brigade Bug


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I have run into this in my Union Campaign that I just started.

I am unable to choose what type of recruits to stock new units with. I have tried reloading the save, going into the next battle and finishing it, and starting a completely new campaign. Nothing seems to fix it. Sometimes when I add men using the slider, it chooses rookies and sometimes it chooses Veterans...I do not know how to make it switch to work around it. 

I have a Steam screenshot, that for some reason I cannot download to just post here. Above the unit slider, there is essentially no Veteran or Rookie box to check. 


It does not affect my Confederate Campaign. 

An uninstall and reinstall did not fix the problem. 

An uninstall and reinstall did not fix the problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled both the game and  Steam; after I had already deleted all files in the LocalLow folder. After doing this, I am extremely frustrated...that seems like the end all be all. 

The only idea I have left is to plug a save from elsewhere into the folder. 

Would anyone be willing to email me a new save file at the start of the first Union Battle? (Tactician - Infantry - Politics - Colonel Difficulty) I would sure appreciate it. 

Any other suggestions?

Final Edit: I found a STEAM support thread showing this exact same problem from 2016 (in the Beta I believe), guess this one didn't get fixed. 


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I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but, here goes.

I have encountered the same issue.  I am new to UGCW and over the last few days have started and abandoned several campaigns as the Union to get a feel for the game.  My first few attempts did not have this issue.  I was able to select Veteran/Rookie replacement types for all my new brigades up through Fredericksburg, at which point I started a new campaign without saving any of the throw-away game files.  However I noticed this issue with the new campaign I just started.

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