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Guns in the Desert when ships deploy to close to border corner


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In the battle Guns in the Desert for a couple times I played it I noticed you have our ships deploy into battle area that is near the top and right borders and there is also a low shore area there too and as always our ships deploy in a long line.

As they deploy the first two or three ships come out and we can get control of them and then we can direct them but it seems the other ships start to tilt to the upper right and the angle is aiming to the top border and of course we don't have control of them from where they start before they come out and what happens is whether you as a player pay attention to that or not, what can happen is for a couple of times happened to me.

Two of the ships that came into ocean and went to the top border for it is right there and retreated and the other time I caught them just before they would retreat but they are now trapped between the top and right border and the low shore area which they can't sail over so I had to deploy lifeboats from them there. My last four ships were transports so maybe they have a problem matching the line up to the two war ships that already had deployed?

It's not a bug or a glitch so I just have a suggestion that would help in avoiding a deploying problematic area that is near the top right corner that also has that low shore area all you have to do is have our ships deploy into the battle midway down from the right border where the open ocean is and by doing that simple thing there would be no way that problem would ever exist for anybody. I am sure no player would enjoy one or two of their ships retreating out of the battle which for me was 1k of sailors I didn't get to use, or having a couple of their ships stuck between top border, right border and lower shore area. This is a great game and I am not saying anything bad it's just a suggestion for this battle.

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