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Less clicking and some more stuff that drives me crazy



Hey all

couple of things drive me crazy in the game. pls fix make me happy pls.

I keep clicking my mouse like crazy in this game my hand hurts and i'm just playing for 4 days now. It is just amazing how many times i have to click my mouse in this game to trade



- set fixed value for myself on sliders for sell and buy, wy the 50% and wy cant i just hit enter? RSI is just around the corner here..

- let me open all holds for fleet with 1 click and transport all goods to wharehouse pls get this from 20 clicks to just 2 please....

- Fleet repair all ships (from 8 clicks to 1 click pls).

- give us seperate sections in our warehouse please!!!! I am not asking the level of trading tools etc EvE online has but please give us this to help organise all our shit same goes for clan stuf.

- wind rose arrow point the wrong way, let us choose if it shows where wind comes from or where it goes to. Funny enough the arrow for winddirection points the right way on Na-maps netfly...so all in all strange thing. Make it adaptable in user settings please

- Protractor tool always on on the map...i need the map 65% of the time to navigate and we all use the protractor so thats a million unnesesary clicks to show the protractor

- Let me please please give own names to my ships or let me sort them in my port by BR / crew / etc i keep clicking like crazy

- Integrate NA-maps into our ingame map pls, i keep clicking and alt tabbing like crazy here

- some more tools to assign buttons to certain actions in the settings menu like "go to shop resources trading" now its 3 clicks and it could be 1 again the amount of clicking my mouse gets my mouse early retirement and same for my hand

- gunsmoke is just way to thick, cant see my babyheads hitting the target even

- winddirection in port and on the ingame map

- Make the map visible while sailing as a minimap (wich you can make bigger or smaller while sailing) look at world of warships

- Explain us how NA-maps works and wich trade is visible there, a short manual would be nice

i could go on but these things drive me crazy for real....


Still liking the game  good job guys



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