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  1. Hey all couple of things drive me crazy in the game. pls fix make me happy pls. I keep clicking my mouse like crazy in this game my hand hurts and i'm just playing for 4 days now. It is just amazing how many times i have to click my mouse in this game to trade - set fixed value for myself on sliders for sell and buy, wy the 50% and wy cant i just hit enter? RSI is just around the corner here.. - let me open all holds for fleet with 1 click and transport all goods to wharehouse pls get this from 20 clicks to just 2 please.... - Fleet repair all ships (from
  2. Wind rose / compass / wind direction / De wind rose in the game points the wrong way imho. On every sailboat i have ever stept de wind direction meter points to where the wind is Coming from not where the wind is going. In fact a stil to be observed famous wind rose on the Central station in Amsterdam the Netherlands has exactly the same system. The arrow points in the direction the wind is coming from. So wy is it in this game the opposite? and even more interestingly wy cant we change it. This messes up my brain totally with the experience of a lifetime sailing all kinds of ships. ( i a
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