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Escape From Toulon Auto defeat at start of mission

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V0.8.7 REV 34762 before this update I beat the subject battle after this new update it gives me an auto defeat when the battle begins.  So on V 0.8.6 REV 34728 I got an unfair defeat in Valcour Island and another unfair defeat in Glorious June so I ask what could be the problem? I have not gotten to the Glorious June again because Escape From Toulon is broken and took rep from me and only gave me 9k and I didn't even get to fight in the battle it ended the moment it started and I will tell you I noticed something was weird when I was placing my 6 ships into deploy slots I noticed the screen was just ocean and no ships icons where showing spots like you would see some enemy ships or something like that. Just think all of these things happened to me in just the past few days.  Funny thing is in V8.6 I got past this battle, the battle that stopped my was Glorious June giving me a unfair defeat when I captured 8 transports and my 4 war ships went for fleet retreat and I get a defeat. I thank you for the game I love it but I am amazed I got though a ton of battles but these three issues are problems for me all of a sudden.


Of all the weird things that happens in this game over the past half year this one through me for a loop.  Picture below shows no data it's an auto defeat the moment you get into this battle from the new update today.  I put my 6 ships in deploy window and I click start battle and this is what the game shows me. If you click any tab on the battle report there is no data, for the battle never happened.  It will take away a good bit of you REP and give you a little bit of money.  I played this the second time to make this picture to show everybody what I am talking about. 

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added picture to show what happens
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