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Ultimate General - Ultimate General Multiplayer

John Ahl

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My friend and I bought Ultimate General – Civil War to play against each other.

Problem:  We cannot connect to play Ultimate General – Civil War in multiplayer mode

The following is the sequence of events when trying to play Multiplayer:

·         Launch the game

·         Select Multiplayer

·         Select Multiplayer from the screen which shows my user profile

·         Select “Invite Friend”

·         Select a battle

·         Select “Choose Side”

·         Choose the side

·         Select my friend from the selection list

·         Select “Invite”

·         The game creates a room and sends the invitation to my friend.

·         My friend receives and accepts the invitation in Steam

·         The game the ATTEMPTS to launch from Steam

To this point all is well.  My friend also trys this same sequence while trying to invite me to a game and the results are the same.

At this point I receive the following error popup.

“Couldn’t switch to requested monitor resolution”

“Switching to resolution 1920x1080, trying lower one”

“All resolution switches have failed”

“Screen:  could not switch resolution (1920-1080 fs=1 hz=0”


Game plays fine in Single player mode

Any solutions for me?

Thank you

John Ahl

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