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Suggestion regarding Congress issued ships in US Campaign


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Up to retaking Savannah in the American Campaign and concluded the following about ships issued free by Congress:

Early on they are welcome and the best you can get, later on they can be a burden. The game lets you sell them and then like every other ship you sell they show up in the Admiralty's assortment and the best available to buy for the most part - nothing much else there.

Suggestion. Provide choice at the point where Congress is issuing ships - they can be accepted per current campaign without cost, or turned down for a increase in Prestige points that's boosted by say 50% over their normal prize sale price to the admiralty. If accepted and later on not needed, they can be sold not for money, but for their normal prize sale price in Prestige. If the ship is not accepted or if its turned in later it doesn't go to the admiralty assortment to avoid gamey player abuse - its assumed to be in use elsewhere and not available. 

The idea is to capture an American Congress with scant resources and raising the stature of a self-sufficient naval officer that is growing the US Navy on his own to the point that he's turning down or giving back resources he can do without so they can be used else where. If I'm John Paul Jones and I gave back a corvette or say I don't need it, so it can be used elsewhere by the US Navy, than it should be easier for me to go to Congress and say "What I really need is 500 Charleville 1777 Sea Service w/Sword bayonets for my Marines".

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