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I have been playing the game for 2 or so month now, enjoy it greatly.

A couple of things I'd like or that I notice:

-Different targets for different guns or at least different gun groups (large and small); at the moment if the destroyers come for me I cannot prioritize a destroyer without also switching my main gun to it...which is unlikely to hit and wastes ammo I need for bigger fish.

-Separate targets for torpedoes; especially interesting when using torpedoes to attack ships that you intend with just torpedoes

-Allow me to "switch off" gun groups. There is little point in throwing 2" or 3" guns against the armor of a BB

-Make chassis available independent of country in the campaign; or at least provide the option

-Let me have a Nelson or Rodney, allow me to place structures and barbettes more freely.

- Allow forward facing torpedo tubes on torpedo boats, etc.

- small torpedo boats maybe? (MAS, E-boats, etc.); alternatively allow for them in the campaign as events/area modifiers

- Breakdown (maybe by drop-down) of ricochets, blocks, etc. It can be quite important to now whether the ricochets and blocks are my 2", my 6" or my 15".

-A Debriefing, maybe tables, etc. at the highend luxury level I'd like to see a map that shows the engagement (preferable zoomable) and also ship models that show hits and damage from the hits

- Unclutter damage reports. No more "main gun destroyed" after the gun has already been destroyed. I have seen a gun be destroyed as much as 8 times



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