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Undefended convoy attack


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hi guys, since I had to reset all my progression due to some weird bug im slowly making my way through the academy again. I am however totally stuck on the undefended convoy attack. 15mins to sink 10 cargo ships. ive tried everything from shear firepower to CLs with 15torp tubes. I always run out of time and im nowhere near sinking them all. I can manage about 4-5 kills before time reaches zero.

how did you guys do it?

EDIT: I did it with 19secs to spare. I took the BC, x3 9" double turrets, 1 bow and 2 rear. medium barbette with an 8" double barrel on the bow. and x6 5" double barrel mounts on the sides, so 3 each side. I took lyditte II and HE them all to death. close one though!

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