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1. Which guns can fire at my target? How much turret traversal play do I have?

Sometimes it is necessary to angle your ship to maximize your armor but sometimes in your design, your guns have limited field of fire. I would be nice if you can see which guns are able to fire on a prospective target and warn you if one of them is at their gimbal limits.


2. Closure rates?


Sometimes your ship is well designed for combat at certain ranges, where your guns are most accurate/penetrate best (or enemy guns are at their worst) or your armor can best potentially deflect enemy shots (or a range where your shots are most effective for plunging or direct fire). 


But it is difficult to maintain that distance, as there is no indication of closure. Its too easy to get distracted and discover that you're now 5km away when you should have tried to stay at 10.


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The game does show you even now how many guns can hit the target if you flick the targeting cursor on it, but seeing how much play I have or how much further I have to turn is welcome.

Also, the gunnery hit rate display should just show the factors for the current targeted ship all the time, and the estimate for other ships only if I have my cursor on them. Generally, players care about the hit rate on the target first, and other candidates second. They are almost never interested in hit rates against a particular patch of water.

I think you can live without closure rate indication, but won't mind if one is added. In fact, it should show you both bearing and rate rate.

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