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Russian Frigate "Shtandart"

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Hiho together o7

There are already many 5th rate frigates in naval action, but I would be very happy if maybe the Russian frigate "Shtandart" would find its way into the Caribbean.


The "Shtandart" fits very well with the Ingermanland, Wapen from Hamburg and Wasa, and as a frigate would be a good addition to these ships ;)

And btw, the "Shtandart" was also used in the film "The Admiral", you can see the ship in this trailer...


And maybe I can still manage to sail on the replica of the "Shtandart" for a few weeks or months. That would be an absolutely great experience in my life.

If you are interested in the possibility of sailing on board the "Shtandart" , you can make yourself smart here, but is unfortunately only a link in German...



Greetings, good Wind and a nice Day :)

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Actually i really would like to see Shtandart on Naval Action. I've sailed on it, and this old gal' would be a MONSTER in NA, Fast, smaller than a standard frigate (so, smaller target), with no less than 28 Canons and a crew of 150 sailors , and a very special kind of Mizzen, givin him a good manoeuvrability. Shtandart would be a very great add to the game ! They really should ask captain Martus, i'm pretty sure he would be pleased 

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