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Congratulation for this upcoming game


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Just to say thank you for this excellent work, this game is a passion so cleverly shared by its creator.

I follow war games since Amigas computers ! this game, let's say "Ultimate" brand, is the best evolution I could expect for historical war games.

Creative Assembly pioneers should be proud of this brillant new challenger in market.

Keep it up !


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Well, I just reached level EN 3.6 in medium difficulty.

This was like reading an historical novel, each chapter with increasing difficulty & scale missions !

In my next full reading 8)) I will try to keep alive or on board the officer I promoted as far as I can.

Can a single officer card last through all chapters ? Is there a way to provide it ?


My few cents comments as bugg reporter & player observation :

-The RHUM mission was heavily lagging 

-I saw a very powerfull boat-poping effect between two low sail 5th rates sides by sides 

-Some fire can devastate a 4th rate in a glinch. I guess fire ship will be double checked.

-Naval modules are not worth the crew penalty

-Officers (all fleet involved officers) promotion or medals could be more emphasized through mission events. 

-Prisoneers units are running away far too fast to catch'em back.

-Boarding mechanic is nicely done, the process is logicaly tricky, muskets shots are greatly made, while the crew combat is way too fast. Will it be optimized later on ?  


Thank you for the great job.


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