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The truth about the Perfect Pirate Ship: & what loot's in the Hold //xpost from piratesahoy


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It is totaly treu what is written except there is something missing most pirates in the caribien had sal ships yes there is and are manny stories there is an dutch admiral who went pirating himself as well arround the african coast and he had an save haven near the Berbers. Some people say he was the leader others say he didnt sail whit them but they all agreee that he was an pirate. Most people only now Morgan because he became governer later the all so famous story the caribien was not only an pirate zone look at these days zones where there are pirates. These where the same zones as before madagascar and the islands near it where major pirate havens. smal fast ships where used to outrun the heavy ships of the navy most of the pirates even had an governer where they sold their loot at.


so part is treu but not everything.

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