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  1. Game ain't working weird i played it this morning just fine before downtime after the game ain't working stuck at loading..... wtf restarted steam reinstalled the game restarted did like 50 launches game not working fix it......
  2. dear Captains i am certain that most of u do not even know my name nore have not seen me in game since i have had real life things to short myself out whit. The main thing is that i am talking up again into the forrums of this game is the boardign system i have been had soem boardings by some guys they had 100 crew less then any of my ships they boarded while my ship was at full sails they managed to board me over the rectricted boarding speed i wonder one thing...... since ive came one the first time how manny players did you lose listening to SOLEr and all the other noob USA guys and alll of the other guys trying to get the game back into an ganking game like they think is the best game to have like Pirates of the burning sea was getting into an certain moment but they left cause they had no fights left......... I really do not understand why u listen so mutch to these persons and fail people trying to make ur game work to their own advantages or however u want to call it but ive seen and drop of people joining or even tryign to start playing ur game i can say one thing ur new system aint working specially an buccaneers boarding ship going against an royal navy ship lols so funny the royal navy ship is boarded loses 200+-_ crew first hit so sorry to see this game go down this road i hope u the DEVS see into the it one day before well ur death ahahha like POTBS
  3. good job i would myself take theyr gamekeys away but letting start from scratch must be frustrating as well :-) nice work keep it all up.
  4. This si the Delft itself they are trying to make a replica i think the plans have been posted somewhere way back alreaddy. The problem whit the dutch plans is there are not manny plans left from all of the ships that where build in those days cause we where part of a certain othe rempire and most of the plans where lost due to that. this era is had to find propper plans of the ships there have been build there is one suggestion i can say the national dutch archives but to get into theyr is like payign i think and thne hope they open them cause soem are in terrible condition i heart. but if you kno where it is build at the yard i mean might try the archives of that city.
  5. SerrialKiller


    Why do people keep ramming i just noticed in a small batlle that the only way people are fighting is by rammign ships and i did not gain any xp myself cause one person ingame called mawradar kept rammign em whit his cutter the entire fight i lost 7xp in the whole fight cause of him and other players tought they had the privelige of ramming people...... is there beeying worked at these things or are we gooing to let them do this it is really frustrating for other players.
  6. i got an question about the ships the alpha testers where gonna get given if so is it the trianade and and belle poule if so yah messed it up cause people who did not pre order have thos 2........ so it aint exclusive.
  7. somethign just wen totaly wrong whit the hotfix my mate just got the redeemables for the alpha testers i think somethign went totally wrong whit the fixes. tester aint got any myself...
  8. Game is open yeah my friends who where to lazy bought it and loads of other friends now as well so nice. Great Job guys at delevering a naval game keep up the good work now get back to work. ;) ;)
  9. Naval action Naval action

  10. Naval action Naval action

  11. sweet guys really awsome when will the game be up again do we waiting hehehe i can say loads of people are :-)
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