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[DNP] Danish Norwegian Privateers looking for new captains

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[DNP] Danish Norwegian Privateers

Founder January 30th 1764
Charter: To seek out enemies of the state whereever we may find them. On the open seas, to their home ports.
Never rest, never waiver. 

We are international, multinational english speaking clan fighting for Denmark-Norway in PvP server. 
We have both european and USA timezone players but most of our players come from Europe/northern Europe.
At the moment we have 5 ports in Virgin Island territory.

DNP tries to be active and participate to common Danish-Norway activities, Open water PvP fights or raids or 
just doing some experience gathering for new players.

If you are new player looking to get into game or old player looking for challenges welcome to talk with one
of our members or send PM to leader of one of the oficers ingame!

Scaywave   Leader
Svennik Svendsen  diplomat
Powder Monkey      diplomat
Shellback                 diplomat

Officers - eurotime
Spy vs Spy
Captain Vay

Officers - US Timezone

We are using Discord and/or Teamspeak for communicating depending of activity. 

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