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takes a single salvo, right, suicide it is


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why do ships who take any damage drop out off formation to commit suicide runs? all 3 ships were in a line exchanging fire, the center ship took a salvo and decided it wanted to banzai charge, even useing manual rudder only effected the new lead ship >.>

if a ship must drop out off formation, could they not reduce speed and slowly drop back instead off flipping a coin between death and spending hours out off the fight

Desktop Screenshot 2019.10.11 -

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It’s trying to circle around to the back of the line, but yeah, poor choice of direction to turn.  I usually immediately detach and give separate orders to any ship that take significant mobility damage as the automated AI behavior almost always causes problems.  Much better to make a small turn out of line and stay on parallel course until line passes, then reattach (or just give follow order) at back of line.  That avoids the sudden turns that often throw lines into chaos and confusion.

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