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Since land units are significantly smaller than in UGCW, detach skirmishers have such a small size.  They frequently have been completely destroyed in 1 or 2 volleys.  Perhaps a skirmish formation vs line for the whole regiment.  Or perhaps like the ships, make a company officer for the light infantry company of the regiment (and being able to do assignments in the regiment as either light or line infantry).

Assignment of an XO for the land battles would be nice as well, seeing as how the ship combat has multiple officers on the ship.  in UGCW, nothing was more irritating in endgame than getting your MG/BG brigade officer killed/wounded, and the game putting the next officer as a free major that never could level up.

For sea battles, the lack of an ability to manually aim at 1 target on each side of the ship is irritating.  Also, not being able to manage the roles on the ship makes things difficult.  There may be instances where I don't want damage control on my ship at the expense of gunners.

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