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Stuck in battle


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I am in combat with a Wasa elite and he went up wind (per-usual as that is where they like to die so you can't loot them) He stick's himself in the shore up wind and the when I got near him to shoot of course now I am stuck. No way out of it because the wind  does not change either. So now we are both stuck with 1hr 10min left. The NPC is able to pop off bow cannon so I cannot escape the fight either. I sent in a report, but I sure as hell do not want to sit there for 70+min to wait for the timer to run out and I am not about to surrender my ship to an NPC that is almost dead. If there were quarterboats/larger radius to loot ships with rather than having to been 10m from them, these NPC that LOVE to shore themselves given the opportunity could be killed and looted.  

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