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Help Needed at Shiloh


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Continuously goes to "the next day" where I get slaughtered. I have less than 25% losses (WAY less) and I hold the victory point, soundly and securely. The green checks are clicked off in the victory box. Yet when I click "Finish" when it pops up I go to the next day.

What am I doing wrong?

I have been playing this since it was in beta and just replayed it after taking a 3 month hiatus. The main screen says I am playing version 22986 - does this include the hotfix?

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It's unclear which side you are referring to. One of the Union victory conditions is inflicting 20% more casualties than you take. One of the CSA conditions is not losing more than 75% of your army. 

If you are playing the Union you always have to play through day 2. If you are playing the CSA the landing VP cannot be contested when the timer reaches zero or you will go to day 2.

1.11 v22986 is the latest patch.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Whoops - playing as the CSA.  I have lost ~18% of my army (~82% remain) and there are no Union troops anywhere near the landing VP. My set up when I click "Finish" is the same as CivWar64's (I read through all the guides when this happened a 3rd time) although the amount of Union troops at the margins of my defenses is a lot higher.

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