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Clan Warehouse Spreadsheet


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I made this a year or so ago for when I was managing the logistics for a clan I was in at the time. If you like punishing yourself like I do, I figured I would blank it out and export it so everyone else can take advantage. I have not updated it to reflect resources that may have been added or removed since like November of last year. Use it or don't, better to have it and not need it than visa versa. 

Clan Warehouse Spreadsheet.xlsx

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3 minutes ago, rediii said:

What is the purpose tho? As I see it you only see what is inside the cwh?

We needed this to be able to look, at a glance, and see what resources we have; rather than just scrolling through the list in game. I was able to monitor changes while not in game, map out resource needs for people to collect, determine if we had enough of "x" to provide x number of ships. It was just a much more efficient way of looking at the warehouse. I also have a partially completed resource that shows all the materials any ship needs that would utilize this spreadsheet to see what ships you could build with what you have in the CWH. 

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