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Hello, producer of Game-Labs. I saw your opinion on the work of Chinese gamers making new "ultimate generals" on steam.However, I represent the Chinese wargame enthusiasts groups are especially anxious to inform you. Most game player really hope you can make your vision China theme of the game, you see the message on steam is just "each country has a small cluster of hate a person", they are not satisfied with anything, you must continue your creative and production, most of us are born you look forward to the new work of the.

The main consumer groups of your company are those who love the Wargame,, but your article in the steam is only attracted to the "Ultimate General: Civil War" inside a small part of the players, they are not the main consumer groups. Please be careful.

We see the Chinese theme game very little, whether you do well or bad, we are very much looking forward to. Moreover, your company's technology itself is very strong. So we are not worried about your mistakes.

In addition, I have in our forums on your ideas to promote, please a little more patience. Look at the idea of most players, do not give up.


We think this game is very interesting!
We apologize for the mistakes in the text.

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