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Lags on some maps and possible reason


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Some maps, like Hardins Pike custom battle, are really laggy while the other, like huge Antietam, are running pretty well. What I've noticed is that the laggiest maps have a lot of heavy cover (the one like on screenshot). Hardin Pike, Maryland Heights, Cold Harbor (right flank mostly) etc. I think it can be something wrong with that texture. Maybe it eats too much memory or something. Please, check it and fix if possible. 20170907002101_1.thumb.jpg.8b8c17ba067ed8e6e43a26923e05edc6.jpg

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4 hours ago, The Soldier said:

If you want a laggy map, you go to Chickamauga.  When that map opens up, it's probably the slowest battle in existence.

So yeah, it's definitely trees.  But they already optimized trees a couple patches ago, but it didn't do much for the really tree-heavy and large maps.

Chicka is just really large and with lots of trees but thats funny - it lags less than very small Hardins Pike. Tell you, there are some textures that are totally unoptimized and it looks like those textures are heavy wooden cover

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Hardin's Pike didn't and Hall's Ferry Road didn't lag much for me.  Neither did Cold Harbor or Harrison's Creek - all of which make heavy use of breastworks fortifications.  Chancellorsville and Chickamauga, however, always drop down to 15 FPS or worse for me, both of which have insane numbers of trees.

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