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New problem controlling brigades


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I've noticed a new problem in the game.  Previously, I've been able to hold the right click mouse button to rotate a brigade to the desired facing.  Now, much of the time, it doesn't work well--it results in the brigade moving instead of wheeling.  Also, I used to be able to draw a line with the mouse to make several brigades form a line in the desired location.  Usually this no longer works; the brigades will march and form a line in a different location from the facing I want to put them in.  All this makes gameplay maddening and nearly impossible.  Did one of the recent patches break something here?

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If you want a rotate a brigade on the spot, select the brigade and hold Shift, then point your mouse to where you want it to face, and let go of Shift.  Same thing as holding right click.  Works much better, I think, than holding right click to do it.

Drawing Frontlines by holing right click and dragging out a line has always been finicky at best and maddening at worst.  Not much changed between the patches from my experience, it's always been irritating in some cases (usually if you draw a frontline too close to their current locations).

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Thanks so much for the Shift key tip, Soldier!  I have to admit I feel a bit silly now, because I've since discovered that the issue was with my mouse, not with the game.  I just plugged in a new mouse and everything's fine now.  However, you did let me know about the alternate method of wheeling brigades, so my post wasn't totally in vain LOL!  I like your signature--I read somewhere that Confederate General D.H. Hill once said that "Confederate infantry, fighting side by side with Federal artillery, need fear no foe on Earth."  

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