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2 star perks for infantry bugged


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I noticed that the 2-star perks for infantry are strange (Mac version 1.04):


- Marksman training:

> Firearms +10

> Reloading time +10%

> Accuracy +10%


- Firearms Course:

> Firearms +10

> Reloading time -10%

> Accuracy -10%


- Assault course:

> Melee +10

> Morale +10

> Stamina +10



So, Firearms course has 2 malus and 1 bonus, while Marksman training has 3 bonus, on the same items. This is surely not WAD ?





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Don't think you understand the "bonuses".  Marksman Training gives the unit 10% more accuracy, but increases reload time by 10%.  Firearms Course decreases accuracy by 10%, but decreases reload time by 10%.  Marksman Training makes the unit more accurate but have a lower rate of fire while Firearms Course makes the unit less accurate but reloads faster.

And Assault Course is there in case you don't want your unit to suffer from any negatives.  Also useful for shanking things.

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