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I have to say that this ultimate general takes the cake and puts a lot of the civil war games and total war games to the test for first place. It lets you interact with the units on a personnel level and i love the direction its going. If the designers can install ultimate general with a sand box version strategically starting from fort Sumter 1861 to Appomattox surrender in 1865 it would put this game over the total war series games by a huge margin. I been playing these kind of games since computers came out and the 70's when i first discovered Avalon Hill games, Ultimate general is so far the best game design out for the civil war period and i truly hope the designers are on it to make it even better and they continue to support the product. Letting players build the army's from scratch  with a generated battle map like total war will make it that much better....allowing them to make there own strategic decisions will jump this game into hyper drive. All the pre-set up famous engagements are great don't get me wrong. But you can only play same game a few times before it becomes repetitive and gets labeled as a space saver. giving the player a new terrain map to plan his tactics will keep the ultimate general players going for years and no doubt put a few more bucks into the pockets of the designers.

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